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Converting an Existing Project to an Active Document

Even though it's not a very automatic operation, it is possible to convert an existing VB application to a VB Active Document application. Follow these steps to perform the conversion:

  1. Open the VB project whose Forms you want to convert to UserDocument objects.

  2. Make sure you have the Active Document Migration Wizard loaded on VB's Add-Ins menu.

  3. Run the Active Document Migration Wizard, which will convert all the forms that you select into UserDocument objects.

  4. You are responsible for writing or defining any code such as Form event procedures that don't exist in a UserDocument object. In particular, you must make sure that converted procedures are compatible with the intended container applications in which the Active Document will be running. You may specify an option in the wizard to automatically comment out such code. For more specifics on container compatibility, see the section in this chapter titled "Running Your Active Document in a Container Application."

As stated in the following section, it's much easier (and therefore recommended) to create an Active Document from scratch rather than to use the techniques discussed in this section.


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