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Merging Your Help Menu With the Container's Help Menu

If you have Help menu items for your Active Document and your container application also has a Help menu, you can resolve the potential conflict between the two Help menus by merging your Help menu into the container's. All you need to do is

  1. Specify your Help menu's NegotiatePosition as Right.

  2. Make sure that your Help menu item's Caption property is "Help" or "&Help." (A container such as Internet Explorer will, however, display it with your Active Document Project's name). The Help menu item's name can be anything you choose.

  3. Provide at least one menu item under your Help menu. If you don't do this, then your Help menu will appear on the main menu bar of the container to the left of the container's Help menu.

Merging your Active Document's Help menu with the container's Help menu.
FIGURE 14.4 Merging your Active Document's Help menu with the container's Help menu.

If you take these measures, then the container will display your Help menu as a sub-item of the container's Help menu. The caption of your Help menu will disappear, and the container will supply a caption indicating that the sub-item provides help for your Active Document (see Figure 14.4).


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