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Design Considerations for Active Document Menus

Because your Active Document menu will display side-by-side with the container's menu, your application needs to observe some rules of etiquette to be a good guest of the container host. Here are several rules:

  • Use distinctive menu captions to avoid possible conflicts with host menu captions.

  • Don't create a File menu or a menu of any other name that attempts to save or print data or terminate the host application. This menu is reserved for the container host.

  • Don't create a Windows menu. This menu should also be left to the container host.

  • Merge your Help menu with the host's Help menu as described in the following sections titled "Negotiating with the Container's Menus" and "Merging Your Help Menu with the Container's Help Menu."

If you follow these rules, your Active Document will provide help to the user, but on the container application's terms.


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