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Defining Your Active Document's Menus

An Active Document can have menus that coexist with the container application's menus. You create the Active Document's menus just as you would create menus for any other type of VB application—with the Menu Editor.

After you've created the Active Document's menu structure, you should then provide for the way that your Document application's menu will merge with the container's menu system. The following sections discuss some design rules to keep in mind for an Active Document menu, how to determine the relative placement of your Active Document menus on the container in the following section, and how to merge an Active Document menu into the container's Help menu.

  1. Design Considerations for Active Document Menus

  2. Negotiating With the Container's Menus

  3. Merging Your Help Menu With the Container's Help Menu

NOTE - More on Menu Creation : For more information on menu creation, see Chapter 3, "Implementing Navigational Design.


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