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Connecting a Property to a Standard VB Property Page

If you have a custom property that represents a bitmap picture, a system font, or a color, then you're in luck: VB provides three standard Property Pages that you can use with the appropriate type of property in your ActiveX control project.

These standard Property Pages keep you from having to "reinvent the wheel" for commonly used property interfaces (such as bitmaps, color, and font dialogs).

In order to connect one of your custom properties to a standard Property Page, just follow the same steps as you would follow to connect a property to a custom Property Page (see the previous section). Instead of choosing a custom Property Page in the Procedure Attributes dialog box, choose the appropriate standard Property Page.

NOTE - OLE_COLOR-Type Properties Have Automatic Color Dialog Boxes : If you create a custom property and declare its type to be OLE_COLOR, then VB will automatically show the Color property dialog box to the developer in the Properties Page of an instance of your control. Remember that you must then consistently refer to its type as OLE_COLOR throughout the control's code (in its Private variable and Property procedure declarations).


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