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Connecting a Custom Control to a Property Page

After you've programmed your Property Page, you must then associate it with a custom control. To connect a Property Page to a custom control, take the following steps:

13.5 Connecting a Property Page to a Custom Control

  1. Select the Custom Control's UserDocument in your VB project.

  2. Bring up the Custom Control's Properties Window (F4 key).

  3. Select the PropertyPages property and click the ellipsis (…) to its right.

  4. In the resulting Connect Property Pages dialog box (see Figure 13.9), check all the Property Pages that you want to associate with this control.

FIGURE 13.9 Use the Connect Property Pages dialog box to associate one or more Property Pages with a custom ActiveX control

NOTE - Using the Same Property Page for Multiple Controls: If your VB project has more than one ActiveX custom control, you may connect the same Property Page to more than one type of ActiveX control.


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