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Using the Property Bag to Store Property Values

The Property Bag is a persistent UserControl object containing the values of your control's custom, extender, and delegated properties. In fact, the Property Bag is so persistent that it doesn't get destroyed with the instances of the UserControl. This means you can store property values in the Property Bag just before an instance of the UserControl is destroyed and then retrieve the stored values when a new instance of the UserControl "wakes up" in another part of the development life cycle.

The Property Bag has two methods to store and retrieve values respectively:

  • The WriteProperty method

  • The ReadProperty method

You must know how to manipulate the Property Bag in the following situations that we discuss in the sections immediately following this one:

  • You store property values into the PropertyBag by calling its WriteProperty method in the WriteProperties event procedure.

  • You retrieve property values from the PropertyBag by calling its ReadProperty method in the ReadProperties event procedure.

  • You ensure that the WriteProperties event will fire by calling the PropertyChanged method. You'll usually do this in the Property Let procedures of your custom properties or at other appropriate places in your code where the storage value of a property changes.


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