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The InitProperties Event Versus the Initialize Event

You may wonder why we need the InitProperties event since the UserControl property already has an Initialize event in common with Class modules and other objects, such as forms.

The reason that we need InitProperties to initialize default values is that the Initialize event happens too often, that is, every time an instance or your control "wakes up." You only want the default property values to be assigned when the developer first sites a new copy of your control on a container. After that, you want the developer to be able to define persistent property values.

WARNING - Don't Use the Initialize Event to Set an ActiveX Control's Default Property Values : If you put code to initialize properties to their default values in your custom ActiveX control's Initialize event instead of in the InitProperties event, then you will have some very frustrated developers on your hands. Your default values will override the values the developer has assigned at design time every time the developer runs an application using your control.


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