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Implementing User-Drawn Graphic Features

If you are implementing a control with user-drawn features instead of a control made up of constituent controls, you'll use the UserControl's Paint event to manage your control's appearance.

The Paint event occurs at design time and at runtime whenever the operating system determines that your control needs to redisplay graphics. This would include such events as control siting and resizing or a control being uncovered after another window had obscured it.

You will put in the Paint event's procedure whatever graphics commands and methods you need to display the control's graphics. You will probably need to recompute the sizes and shapes of graphics objects to allow for resizing of the control.

In the example in Listing 13.3, we use the Paint event procedure to draw an ellipse with a particular color and shading style on the surface of the control after first re-computing its size and coordinates.

You could also output text with the Print method, call other graphics methods, and adjust persistent graphics objects such as Images, PictureBoxes, Shapes, and Lines.


Private Sub UserControl_Paint()
   'Compute radius of ellipse (longest side)
   Dim lRadius As Long
   If UserControl.ScaleHeight < _
      UserControl.ScaleWidth Then
      lRadius = UserControl.ScaleWidth / 2
      lRadius = UserControl.ScaleHeight / 2
   End If

   'Save UserControl's existing fill style
   Dim lOldFillStyle As Long
   lOldFillStyle = FillStyle
   'and set it to be diagonal lines
   FillStyle = vbUpwardDiagonal

   'save UserControl's existing FillColor
   Dim lOldFillColor As Long
   'and set it to red
   lOldFillColor = FillColor
   FillColor = vbRed

   'draw an ellipse whose shape is
   'proportional to the UserControl's shape
   Circle (ScaleWidth / 2, ScaleHeight / 2), _
      lRadius, vbRed, , , _
         UserControl.ScaleHeight / _

   'restore previous FillStyle and Color
   'settings of the UserControl
   FillStyle = lOldFillStyle
   FillColor = lOldFillColor
End Sub


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