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Registering/Unregistering an In-Process Component

You can permanently register an in-process component on the developer's workstation by compiling it.

Once again, you may also let Setup and Deployment Wizard create a setup routine for your component that will automatically register the component when users run the setup routine on their systems. To register an in-process component from outside the development environment without a setup routine, you can run a utility called REGSVR32.EXE against the DLL file. REGSVR32.EXE is distributed on Visual Studio 6.0's installation CDs.

To use REGSVR32 to register an in-process component called, say, SPORT.DLL, you would run it from a command line as follows:

Regsvr32 sport.dll

To unregister your in-process component, you can run REGSVR32.EXE against it with the /u option in the command line, as in the following example:

Regsvr32 /u sport.dll

If you've installed your component using Setup and Deployment Wizard, you can uninstall it using the normal Windows application removal procedures.


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