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Registering/Unregistering an Out-of-Process Component

You can register an ActiveX executable in several ways (some of them inadvertent!):

  • Compile it (obviously works only on the developer's workstation).

  • Run it standalone—keeps on running after registering itself.

  • Run it standalone with the /REGSERVER argument—terminates as soon as it registers itself.

  • Install it with a setup routine created by Setup and Deployment Wizard.

The Setup and Deployment Wizard is, of course, the recommended way to install components.

You can remove your ActiveX executable from the Registry by

  • Running it standalone with the /UNREGSERVER argument.

  • Editing the Windows Registry (not recommended!).

  • Running the Uninstall procedure from Windows (use the Add/Remove applications icon in Control Panel). This option works if you've installed the component using a setup routine that was created with Setup and Deployment Wizard.

Running the Windows Uninstall procedure is preferable, when available.


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