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Passing a Result Code to the Client

This "soft" method of error handling will not generate an error condition in the client. It will let the controlling application decide whether it is worth checking for an error after calling a method of your server. If the controlling application does check your server method's return value, it can determine whether an error occurred and decide what to do next.

To implement this technique, you should write your server methods as functions with an Integer return type. The return type will be, say, zero or some other encouraging-sounding number if no error happens in the function. You need to write and enable an error-trapping routine in the function that will cause the function to return a negative integer or some other equally dire value when an error does occur. The code in Listing 12.15 illustrates both client- and serverside code to implement this solution.


[Method in the server class]
Public Function MyMethod () as Integer
   'Initialize return value to OK
   MyMethod = 0
   On Error GoTo MyMethod_Error
   . 'do stuff that could possibly cause an error
Exit Function

   'return error code
   MyMethod = Err.Number
   Resume Next
End Function
[Code in the client application]

Dim iResult as Integer

iResult = MyServer.MyMethod()
'Check method's result code for an error
If iResult <> 0 then
   ' do something to handle the error
End If

'Or - Following line ignores the method's result code

The client can then check the return value of the server's method to see whether all has gone well. If it gets an error code back from the method, it can then decide what to do.

NOTE - Programmer-Defined Error Codes : With this type of error handler, you might consider implementing your own system of error codes. You must use integer values higher than 512, because lower values can conflict with existing ActiveX error codes.

Raising an Error to Pass Back to the Client



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