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Using the Err Object

Visual Basic uses the Err object to provide information to your application for error handling. The Err object can be used to retrieve information about the type of runtime error that has occurred. The information contained in the Err object can be used to determine how and whether your application should continue. It can also be used to present information to the user, if either the user can take some action to correct the problem or if error information has to get back to the developer.

This section defines and describes the properties and methods of the Err object. You can use the properties to retrieve information about an error that has occurred. They can also be set with other information that can be used by other procedures in an application. The Err object can be manipulated with the methods of the object. In some cases it is necessary to use these methods to pass information between modules.

  1. Properties of the Err Object

  2. Methods of the Err Object

  3. Using the vbObjectError Constant



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