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Properties of the Err Object - LastDLLError Property

The LastDLLError property is a read-only property used by DLLs to return error information to Visual Basic applications. For versions of Visual Basic prior to 5.0, it is important to know that LastDLLError is only available in 32-bit Windows operating systems.

If an error occurs in a DLL, the function or sub-routine will signify the error through a return value or an argument. Check the documentation for that DLL to determine how errors will be identified. If an error does occur, you can check the LastDLLError property of the Err object to get additional information for that error. When the LastDLLError property is set, an error exception is not raised and error handling in your Visual Basic application will not be invoked.

IMPORTANT - LastDLLError Only Available in 32-Bit Code: Because the LastDLLError property is only available in 32-bit Windows operating systems, you must be cautious when developing code that will be conditionally compiled for both 16-bit and 32-bit environments. Make sure that you do not include references to LastDLLError in code that will be compiled for a 16-bit executable.


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