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The Conceptual Design

A conceptual design consists of three deliverable items:

  • User profiles describe who the system users are and how they tie into the system. For example, user profiles might describe various functions in the system such as data entry clerk, credit manager, and sales person, including the type of role each plays with respect to the business process being modeled.

  • Usage scenarios for the current system state (optional) describe how users work with the current system. Examples for current system usage scenarios would be similar to examples given for proposed system usage scenarios.

  • Usage scenarios for the proposed system state describe how users will work with the new system to be developed. For example, different usage scenarios might describe how sales people will contact customers and take orders, how data entry clerks will enter orders from sales people or by phone, and how credit managers will check credit and approve or reject orders.
  1. The Conceptual Design
  2. Deriving the Logical Design From the Conceptual Design
  3. Deriving the Physical Design From the Logical Desig


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